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    MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search

    Have access to an extensive Cargo database,
    execute orders and recieve guaranteed

    MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search is a service on the Monopoly.Online platform where carriers can find cargo according to their criteria (direction, rate, loading / unloading time). The service provides a possibility to:

    • View and accept available orders online.
    • Manage payment terms.
    • Minimize the idle run of the car due to well-defined logistics.
    • Receive all documents in electronic form when that’s permissible by applicable law.

    Take a cargo
    Freight carriers are looking for orders on the MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search because:

    • You can search for cargoes online within one app.
    • The app interface is clear, user-friendly and easy to use.
    • A large number of consignors throughout Russia are included in the database.
    • In addition to searching for cargo, you can use other services necessary for organizing transportation.
    • There is an opportunity to participate in auctions or take cargoes at a fixed price.

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    How to find a cargo
    Manual search for cargo
    It takes a lot of time to find cargoes.
    Delay in payment because of cargo owners' unreliability.
    Untrustworthy cargo owners.
    No manager support.
    Authorization is required on every website - a waste of time.
    RESULT: waste of time searching for cargo, the risk of fund loss due to unscrupulous intermediaries.
    MONOPOLY.Cargoes: Search service
    All cargoes are visible online on the map.
    Payment on time (from 5* days from the date of receiving a full package of shipping documents). Using the "Quick payment" function (detailed terms are specified in the user agreement on the platform).
    Reliable, verified cargo owners.
    The manager is available to answer any questions.
    Fast registration and authorization within one user account.
    RESULT: quick search for cargo, work with reliable partners.
    Find cargoes